What is Nuqta?

Nuqta is a non-profit association based in Barsbüttel, Germany.

Our goals are the following:

  • We strive to create awareness for socio-cultural issues using art as a communication channel.
  • We provide an opportunity to share artistic aspirations of stakeholders like performance and visual artists, poets, architects, anthropologists, journalists and academics in creating awareness for socio-cultural issues.

We strive to achieve these goals by:

  • Adopting an integrative-aesthetic involvement of stakeholders.
  • Organising exhibitions, workshops and seminars.
  • Seeking sponsorships of institutions, foundations and funding programs.

Our Vision

NUQTA, an Arabic word for a dot, is a reality which is the smallest unit in the universe that can never be further divided. The word NUQTA is inspired by the poetry of Sufi saint Bulleh Shah’s verses: “IK NUQTE WICH GAL MUKDI” (It is all in ONE contained). It also defines a coming together of various ideas and concepts.
Symbolic of our organization, we envisage bringing together individual artistic expression in a unifying solidarity for a common human cause. A variety of life makes this universe beautiful, however there is a unifying connection between the variety of cultures, human beings and human aspirations that is not always apparent. We endeavor to exhibit and provide a means of discourse for these various forms of expression.

Our Philosophy

Like a dot, human unity is a unit that transcends all divisions. The essence is one, and the distinction between human beings as manifested in cultures is merely superficial. The philosophy that human unity is revealed to the human consciousness and it knows that the names may be different but the reality is the same. We derive inspiration from this Sufi thought and philosophy, as a point of departure which proposes transcendence of religious, political and geographical borders for peacefully addressing conflict riddled issues at the human level.



Kashmir Art Exhibition

In the recent past Kashmir has been in news due to the ongoing political turmoil, lockdowns and internet shutdowns. When the freedom of speech and expression remains gagged across the region, there is little space left for the artists and journalists to exercise their right and shine a light upon the issues which remain in dark. The NUQTA is creating a platform for such individuals to amplify Kashmir story on a global level using art as a means and storytelling as a tool.


Promoting the Buddhist Cultural Heritage

CCD and Nuqta wish to collaborate to raise awareness of Pakistan’s Buddhist cultural heritage in Europe, to promote its documentation and preservation, and encourage its use as a means of generating sustainable livelihoods.

The نقطہ Team

Muzna Malik

Chairperson of NUQTA

Silke Kaestner

Vice Chairperson of NUQTA

Saeed Khawaja

Auditor and press speaker of NUQTA

Alexandra Anders

Auditor and press speaker of NUQTA

Nader Taghavi

Auditor and press speaker of NUQTA

Sarah Ewald

Member of NUQTA

Komal Raja

Member of NUQTA

Ursula Mueller

Member of NUQTA

Hussain Kazmi

Content writer of NUQTA

Rebeka Keuss

Member of NUQTA

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