Promoting the Buddhist Cultural Heritage of Pakistan in Europe

C2D and Nuqta wish to collaborate on the following initiatives:

  • To raise awareness of Pakistan’s Ghandhara civilization and cultural heritage in Europe
  • To promote its documentation and preservation, and encourage its use as a means of generating sustainable livelihoods.

What is C2D?

C2D is a non-profit organization based in Islamabad (Pakistan). It is dedicated to the promotion, preservation, and documentation of the cultural heritage of Pakistan and Nuqta is a platform for promoting culture.

Centre for Culture & Development (C2D) works with local communities, civil society organizations, government, academia and the private sector to provide a practical framework for cultural interface with development.

Historical significance of Ghandhara civilization

Literal meaning of Gandhara means: “Land of Fragrance”.
This civilization lasted from the middle of 1st millennium BCE to the beginning of 2nd millennium CE on the west of river Indus which is now northern Pakistan.
The region accepted Buddhism during Mauryan Empire. It got declined after Ashoka’s death and hence, Hinduism revived and the Buddhist Gandharan civilization came to an end.

Source: Taxila Museum 

Gandhara Map (Taken from C2D website)

Joint Activities

C2D and Nuqta will undertake the following joint activities:
a. Joint research projects on cultural heritage
b. Collaborative events, such as workshops, art residencies, exhibitions and excursions to the heritage sites of Ghandhara civilization
c. Joint initiatives to promote traditional crafts

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