Fatima Zahra Hassan

Fatima Zahra Hassan is a visual artist, educator, and a researcher, trained in Visual Islamic and Traditional Arts. She specialises in Asian and the Middle Eastern Manuscript Painting and Arts of the Book (Indian, Mughal and Persian Miniature Painting). Zahra studied Sacred Geometry/Islamic Patterns concerning analytical and cosmological approach. Besides, she also learnt Geometry/ Biomorphic Design concerning the surface embellishments. She is a visiting artist/academic in the UK and abroad.

Zahra works with text, and weaves in many ancient stories with mystical dimensions. She has worked extensively on famous Sufi poets and philosophers, such as Rumi, Hafiz, Ibn Arabi and Bulleh Shah. Zahra lives and works in London.

I Follow the Religion of Love

The painting has many layers to unfold. Several narratives juxtaposed against each other, creating a story with semiotics for the viewer to interpret accordingly. There is an interplay of image and text which conveys a message of love, peace and benevolence. The painting’s top shows a Dutch etching highlighting a war scene from the Crusades followed by a large white Ottoman/Mughal Tulip growing out of the text (poetry of Ibn Arabi) against a Marbled Turkish paper. The best is to leave up to the viewers to develop their understanding of the painting.

Her Prominent Work