Muhammad M. Yeslem

Moulud Yeslem was born in Ausserd, Western Sahara. He has studied architecture at the Universidad de Oriente, Santiago de Cuba. He is also a technician in intercultural mediation and conflict resolution. Yeslem is a cultural activist and defender of human rights in Western Sahara.

OASIS: A Project by Yeslem

A documentary that tells the history of the Saharawi people, through the water wells.
A research work in the depths of the desert, to rescue stories of the success and failure of our ancestors in their incessant search for sources of water for the survival of their people.
Oasis, is not only an immersion in the water wells, it is also an immersion in poetry and social memory, since the Sahrawi culture has always been transmitted orally.

OASIS Documentary

Photography, direction, and editing:
Mohamed Moulud Yeslem
Contain images of YouTube Commons creative Licence (CC)

Mariam Hassan
Najem Alal

Limam Boecha.



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