Silke Eva Kaestner

Silke Eva Kästner, whose work may be described as painting let loose into the world, unfettered and autonomous — and truly alive. Born beyond the confines of a two-dimensional plane, it is transformed by the environment, passersby, the wind, dancers, and marks made by her own hand. If there was a question at the root of her artistic practice for the last fifteen years, it would be: what is painting capable of when it is entirely and radically free?

(Amrita Dillon)

Originally from the Black Forest in Germany, Silke Eva Kästner studied Fine Arts in Berlin, Karlsruhe, Glasgow School of Art. She was a student of Katharina Grosse at the Kunsthochschule Weissensee. She currently lives and works in Berlin. Her many residencies in India, Japan, the UK and the USA are an important influence on her work, that is ranging from painting, collage, performance, installation and video.

Silke and Kashmir

Since 2005 Silke Kästner travelled to Kashmir. Her journeys connected her  with people and places so she cofounded a project Kashmir. Point. Charlie an ongoing plattform which aims  to iniitiat exchange  and cooperation between artists of diverse cultural backgrounds.


Her Prominent Work