Zeeshan Nabi

Zeeshan is a young rising music producer, composer and songwriter based in Kashmir. He completed his foundation in western and indian classical vocals, diploma (major composition) along with music production and preparatory course specializing in music production with the A.R.Rahman founded K.M college of Music and Technology (Chennai,India).

He did further specialization from Sir Zelman Cowen for Music at Monash University (Melbourne, Australia) where he studied composition. Zeeshan moved back to Kashmir in November 2017 and started building his own studio, Meerakii and formed his band Ramooz in 2019. The band released their music video in June 2020 and are currently working on their debut album.

Artist Statement

Being born in a valley where its cultural fabric is soaked into mystical and spiritual layers. Kashmir has been subjected to an endless trauma and conflict. As a consequence, it has altered the idea of traditional sufism. The shrines, sufi saints and and the undying faith in God has become a source of healing, to those who have suffered from this occupation we have been living under. The idea of sufism in Kashmir is complex because through decay, the will to carry on. The hope lives on that one day, its people will be liberated from the tyranny, Kashmir has witnessed so far.

His Prominent Work