Theatre for Kashmir

Fading memoirs transcends beyond the visible and probes into the complexities of experience that emerges from the personal ordeal of the people.

The play in it’s totality is a comment on the present geo political scenario and talks about global humanitarian issues concerning common innocent people who suffer as a result of war becoming an industry across the world. With its wide canvass the scenes shift across continents (Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kashmir etc) and create a strong anti-war narrative.

It attempts a tribute to the Poets and Story tellers who witness, remember & reflect. Moving away from the traditional text based theatrical production the play uses poems as the medium to convey the interlaced deeper meaning hidden in the emotive lines from these everlasting and universal poetic renditions.

Director's Note

In today’s violence ridden world it is a prime responsibility of a creative artist to engage with issues which have created a catastrophe for the innocent human beings, who are brushed aside as a collateral damage of wars. The wars that are fought for hegemonic sovereignty of the autocratic regimes thrown up in the name of democracy and propelled and propagated as patriotic expositions and seen as collective will of the populace which is manipulated through jingoistic and agenda setting corporate media. This manufactured consent, seen as a popular will, is actually greed driven by economics of war mongering and arms economy.

Fading Memoirs… thus reflects this grim scenario and comments on this violent environs that we are surrounded with. It also lays emphasis on the need of returning to the age old tradition of mutual empathy and togetherness.

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