Tabeena Wani

Tabeena Wani is a visual artist from Kashmir. She has a Bachelor of Visual Arts from the University of Kashmir and is a recipient of the 2018 TATA trust Students’ Biennale National Award. She’s also a Fearless Collective South Asian Public Art resident of 2020. Tabeena has exhibited her work at the Kochi Muziris Biennale in Kerala and has attended an Art residency at Pepperhouse Kochi in 2019.
Her prime focus is to depict the ongoing conflict in Kashmir mostly in the form of illustrations and installations. Her works depict the confrontations and traumas of being occupied and staying under constant state of surveillance. She’s very fond of knitting and uses threads as a medium of resistance in her artworks. Most of her artworks are embodied with old architectural designs and sufi shrines from her homeland Kashmir.

I Resist

“I’m a speck of uneasiness dangling by vain hope yearning for home whilst being home.
I’m tossed and turned then garnished on platters for motives.
I splatter pigments, I smudge kohl, I overwhelm people abstractly and leave smiles on their
I’m a rebel, I’m a grave, I’m hemlock.
I resist! “.

Her Prominent Work