Suhail Naqshbandi

Editorial and news features offer a meaty  scope for an illustrator  to work on.  News art is a very interesting field, where an artist is able to take  a writer’s point of view and turn it around into an engaging visual interpretation. Naqsh loved doing illustration based covers for a weekly Kashmir Ink. With varied topics to work on, news art makes for a rich repertoire of work. Naqsh did an exclusive series  of editorial illustrations for the special Kashmir  issue of the US based  literary journal, the Adi Magazine.

A picture being worth  a thousand words makes it an important aid for stories.

His Work

Editorial cartooning  has been a niche  specialty area, where  besides being an artist, you got to have  a news nose too. It is about wit,  humor, satire and a  

hold on the pulse of  people. It is the most  challenging of all the things that I have been doing. Of daily  deadlines, and tough visualizations.

His Prominent Work