Saba Khan

Saba Khan In the background, the sun sets over the Himalayan mountains framing the intricately drawn villages of the Kashmir valley, where Sabba Khan’s family are from. In the foreground, though, Khan is walking with her mother through Queen’s Market, in east London. It’s a telling juxtaposition, central to Khan’s moving graphic memoir The Roles We […]

Silke Kastner

Silke Eva Kaestner Silke Eva Kästner, whose work may be described as painting let loose into the world, unfettered and autonomous — and truly alive. Born beyond the confines of a two-dimensional plane, it is transformed by the environment, passersby, the wind, dancers, and marks made by her own hand. If there was a question […]

Muzna Malik

Muzna Malik Muzna Malik was born in 1972. She has studied architecture and currently lives and works in Hamburg, Germany. Her ancestral roots are from Srinagar,Kashmir, which were uprooted at the time of the subcontinent division.Living in Europe since a decade and experiencing foreign culture, she has indulged herself into defining transitional spaces and identity. […]

Muhammad M. Yeslem

Muhammad M. Yeslem Moulud Yeslem was born in Ausserd, Western Sahara. He has studied architecture at the Universidad de Oriente, Santiago de Cuba. He is also a technician in intercultural mediation and conflict resolution. Yeslem is a cultural activist and defender of human rights in Western Sahara. OASIS: A Project by Yeslem A documentary that […]

Komal Raja

Komal Raja She is an artist and scholar from Poonch, Azad Jammu & Kashmir. Currently, she is pursuing a doctorate in Social and Cultural Anthropology from Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich, Germany. Her research title is “Contesting Terrain of Natural Resources in Azad Kashmir: Ethnography of Emotional and Political Ecology”. One of her research focuses explores […]

Fatima Zahra

Fatima Zahra Hassan Fatima Zahra Hassan is a visual artist, educator, and a researcher, trained in Visual Islamic and Traditional Arts. She specialises in Asian and the Middle Eastern Manuscript Painting and Arts of the Book (Indian, Mughal and Persian Miniature Painting). Zahra studied Sacred Geometry/Islamic Patterns concerning analytical and cosmological approach. Besides, she also […]

Elisabeth Mase

Elisabeth Mase Elisabeth Masé is a visual artist and novelist. From 1984 to 1997, she was lecturing at the Basler Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst. In 1994, she was visiting professor at the Statens Kunstakademi in Oslo, Norway. Her work has been exhibited at international museums and art associations. She published at Verlag Kleinheinrich, Muenster, […]

Zeeshan Nabi

Zeeshan Nabi Zeeshan is a young rising music producer, composer and songwriter based in Kashmir. He completed his foundation in western and indian classical vocals, diploma (major composition) along with music production and preparatory course specializing in music production with the A.R.Rahman founded K.M college of Music and Technology (Chennai,India). He did further specialization from […]

Uzma Falak

Uzma Falak Uzma Falak is the DAAD Doctoral Fellow at the University of Heidelberg, where she is pursuing her PhD in Anthropology. Her poetry, essays, and reportage have appeared in Al Jazeera English, Warscapes, The Caravan, Himal Southasian, Kindle Magazine, Jadaliyya, Anthropology and Humanism, The Economic and Political Weekly, The Electronic Intifada, The Palestinian Chronicle, […]

Theatre for Kashmir

Theatre for Kashmir Fading memoirs transcends beyond the visible and probes into the complexities of experience that emerges from the personal ordeal of the people. The play in it’s totality is a comment on the present geo political scenario and talks about global humanitarian issues concerning common innocent people who suffer as a result of […]